Hon Chen temple

Hon Chen temple

Hon Chen temple is located on Ngoc Tran Mountain, Ngoc Ho Village, Huong Ho Ward, Huong Tra Town, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Hon Chen Temple worships the goddess Po Nagar (Goddess Mother of the region) of the Cham people. This is a collection of relics of about 10 different architectural works which are located in the middle of the mountain side Ngoc Tran, facing the Huong River, hidden under the tall trees. The entire area is not so large: the main architecture is Minh Kien Dai located in the middle; On the right is Quan Cu, Trinh Cat Institute, Thanh Pagoda; On the left is Ngu Hanh Palace, official altars, altar of Mr. Ho,... At the edge of the river, there is also an altar of Thuy Phu. In addition, there are many small altars scattering here.

What could be a pleasant surprise to visitors is that if tiger is considered a beast to be exterminated at the Royal Arena, then it is sculptured and honored on the temple grounds, just across the river.

This belief building complex is one of Hue’s beauty-spots.

Now if you want to visit Hon Chen temple, you join Hue city tour and take ferry boat across Perfume River to explore this temple.

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