Kim Bong carpentry village

Kim Bong carpentry village

Currently, Kim Bong Carpentry Village is located on Cam Kim, was built in the late 15th century.

Kim Bong carpentry products is well-known during 15th -16th century through crowed trading port of Hoi An. And now, passing hundreds of years of existence and development, Kim Bong carpentry village has created a special brand with the product bearing the mark of Hoi An.

Carpentry in Kim Bong helps us better understand the economic characteristics and cultural exchanges and technology exchanges between the residents living in Hoi An through historical periods, the process of traditional inheritance.

Today, the mark of  Kim Bong carpentry is also shown clearly on the ancient houses, pagodas, churches, churches in Hoi An with fine carvings. As well as in the past, Kim Bong Carpentry specializes in building and shipbuilding. Along with tourist development, a part of Kim Bong carpentry artists turned to wooden carpentry to serve tourists. These are the types of wooden statues and furniture used in daily life.They range from the few-dollar coasters or knick-knacks to large religious statues of thousands of dollars. Lots of artisans have shifted to the work of recovering historical monuments or relics, especially old houses in Hoi An.

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