Tran Quoc pagoda

Tran Quoc pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda is located on a small island in the East side of West Lake (Tay Ho District). It has a history of 1500 years and is considered the oldest in Thang Long - Hanoi.

The temple was built during the Lý Nam Đế Dynasty (541 – 547) and the first name is Khai Quốc. The pagoda’s architecture is combined harmoniously between ancient, dignified elegance and the tranquil landscapes of a vast lake.

The Tran Quoc Pagoda has preserved until now its unique architecture, different from other pagodas and houses many precious Buddhist statues, especially the golden wooden statue of Sakyamuni, and 14 older stone steles built in 1639. In addition, a Bodhi tree was planted in the site's enclosure. It was brought from Tay Truc by Indian President Prasat on the occasion of his visit to Vietnam in 1959 and offered as a present to President Ho Chi Minh. With its harmonious architecture, its surrounding nature and its great cultural and historical value, the Tran Quoc Pagoda was listed as a "Cultural Heritage Site" in 1989.

Thanks to these historical and architectural values, Tran Quoc Pagoda attracts many tourists to pay a visit, both inside and outside of Vietnam.

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