Quan Thanh Temple

Quan Thanh Temple

Quan Thanh Temple is located at the corner of Co Ngu Street, Hanoi city (now Thanh Nien Street) and Quan Thanh Temple looks out to West Lake.

Quan Thanh Temple - one of the famous temples in Hanoi that is strongly attracted domestic and international tourist coming to visit every day.

Quan Thanh Temple is built during the Ly Dynasty (1010-1225). They have built this place to honor ‘Tran Vu’ the ‘God of the North’ which was beloved by all local people and used the tortoise and snake as symbols of power. The name Quan Thanh therefore resembles the temple’s meaning as it translates to ‘Place of the Gods’.

The temple has a magnificent three-way gate, set on large stone slabs with a steeple at the top. In front the temple, there are four large pillars covered with phoenixes and tiger faces ... Stepping through the gate is a large yard, there is a gold fish tank and fake mountain in the middle of the yard.

Quan Thanh Temple is also famous for the beauty of wood carvings. On the wooden architectural parts of the temple, the themes such as the four spiritual animals, bats, fish, bamboo, apricot, flower basket, sword, scene of life and the heaven... are carved skillfully with style of art under Le Dynasty.

To sum up, religious visitors often come to Quan Thanh temple at the Lunar New Year and on the first and fifteen day of the lunar month. The purpose is to worship and pray for health, luck and happiness. Visitors also can enjoy the spacious and charming landscapes here, relax and find out the ancient and romantic beauty of Hanoi in the past and now.

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