Museum of History

Museum of History

National Museum of History is a cultural building located in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi capital. This is the Museum that preserves, displays and introduces the history of Vietnam from prehistory to today in a rich, continuous and comprehensive manner. The oldest of its kind in Vietnam, Vietnam History Museum was renovated from the French Ecole Française d’Extreme Orient.

The National Museum of History is storing and preserving about 200,000 objects and materials of Vietnamese cultural history, in which the history of Vietnam from prehistoric time to 1945 has nearly 110,000 documents and objects, 19 antique and national treasures including the most rare collections compared to the same types of museums in the country and region.

The history of Vietnam from the mid-nineteenth century to today has more than 80,000 precious documents and objects about the history of the Vietnamese revolution, about the Communist Party of Vietnam, about President Ho Chi Minh and his comrades of the Communist Party of Vietnam through the periods.

Coming to the National History Museum, you will be served attentively to find out the source of history, culture, the formation and development of the nation and the people of Vietnam - a traditional people - a nation that has traditionally fought and defended for the peace and freedom of the people of Southeast Asia.

Visitors may have to make full use of imagination as well as sensitivity to understand artifacts and relics exhibited in the museum. This is good chance for you to test your ability to perceive art because the descriptions of the objects are quite sparse that most of them are in Vietnamese and only indentify what the object is rather than what is its meaning.

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