Hoan Kiem lake

Hoan Kiem lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is also known as Guom Lake (called as Hoan Kiem Lake - Lac de Hoan Guom), a natural fresh water lake in the center of Hanoi. The lake is considered the center of Hanoi, not only physically but also symbolically. In fact, the more you spend time learning about the lake, the more special it becomes.

Hoan Kiem Lake is considered the jewel of Hanoi. Looking from above, at the beginning of summer, the lake is like a picture of colorful and poetic. The lake has an area of about 12 ha. The name Hoan Kiem appeared in the early 15th century, associated with legend of Le Loi King paid the sword for the Turtle gods after the expulsion of foreign invaders.

In the middle of the lake is Ngoc Son Island and Ngoc Son Temple with majestic appearance. Between the lake and the island is the red  The Huc Bridge.

A precious legacy associated with the historical legends and sacred culture from thousands of years, the Turtles are rare animals that are being protected by the State.

Guests can easily find sidewalk cafes around the lake or walk to the Old Quarter to enjoy Hanoi specialties at pretty restaurants.

Although it is not the largest lake in the capital, Hoan Kiem Lake has been a symbol of the life and mind of residents. Nowadays, it’s still a gathering place yet new Hanoians may live too far to count their distance to the lake. Still, as you walk by, you will be able to witness the pace of life in this peculiar city.

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