Ho Chi Minh’s stilt House

Ho Chi Minh’s stilt House

Ho Chi Minh’s stilt House - President Ho Chi Minh's relics at the Presidential Palace, known as the Presidential Palace Relics in Hanoi, is Ho Chi Minh's longest living and working place (from December 19th, 1954 to September 2nd 1969), 1969) was classified by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a relic site on May 15, 1975.

The simple stilt house located in the capital of Hanoi is where Uncle Ho lived and worked during his revolutionary life. It is not only a historical landmark, but it also is an architectural heritage, a cultural heritage of Vietnam.

In the large garden behind the Presidential Palace, there is a narrow road, where mango trees are planted on both sides, leading to a small stilt house nestled between the arches of trees.  Downstairs is where Uncle Ho often meet with the Politburo. Upstairs are two small rooms where Uncle worked and his bedroom with simple household items. In front of the house is fish pond which Uncle Ho did fish farming, around the pond is  the flowers of the orchid bloom all year round.

People from all over the country as well as international visitors coming to Hanoi capital, everyone wants to visit the Mausoleum, the Uncle Ho's stilt house and walk around the Ba Dinh historic Square.

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