Hanoi Old Quarters

Hanoi Old Quarters

“Hanoi Old Quarters” is a common name of a long-standing urban area of Hanoi located outside of Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

This urban area focuses on small-scale industrial and commercial activities, which form the characteristic streets of the city and the capital. Currently, Hanoi Old Quarters are an attractive destination for those who want to learn about Thang Long - Dong Do - Hanoi.

Once a bustling area where merchants and artisans gathered to sell their products, Ha Noi Old Quarter consists of many small, meandering streets, each bears the name of the goods that was specifically traded there such as Hang Bac (Silver Product), Hang Ma (Paper Product), Hang Go (Wood Product), just to name a few.

Do not miss visiting some pagodas, temples which have been for a long time like Ma May Temple, Ba Chua Temple, Cau Dong pagoda, Kim Co Pagoda... In addition, visitors can visit Quan Chuong famous Gate Left, located at the top of Hang Chieu Street, near the Chuong Duong Bridge or the ancient Dong Xuan Market, existing hundreds of years from the Nguyen feudal Dynasty.

Visiting this unique historical vestige comfortably lying around Hoan Kiem Lake, tourists get lost in a totally different world from the rest of the city and have the chance to explore the modest but energetic life of the local a hundred years ago, where there were no high-rise buildings, too much traffic or fancy stores; things will get a little bit smaller, as visitors may have used to those skyscrapers and shopping centers in other parts of the city, but not at all less lively and vigorous.

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