BatTrang pottery village

BatTrang pottery village

Bat Trang, traditional porcelain and pottery village with history of seven centuries, is an interesting attraction in Hanoi that tourists should not ignore.

Bat Trang is a destination that is not unfamiliar to people who prefer the traditional culture of the village of ceramics in Vietnam. Only 15km from the center of Hanoi, this is the ideal place for weekend excursions.

Bat Trang pottery village is located along the Red River, in Gia Lam district - suburb of Hanoi. This is the most famous and the oldest pottery village in Vietnam, as well as the place where domestic and foreign visitors can’t help visiting.

Bat Trang pottery village is specialized in producing pottery of various kinds and styles. The most interesting thing to come to Bat Trang is that you can directly admire the artisans making the delicate pottery products or manually mold the products to your mind.

Bat Trang Pottery Market is a place where you can find lovely souvenirs which are both unique and cheap. The booths at the ceramic market sell a lot of ceramic products such as souvenirs, bowls, cups, artistic decorations, worship items, ... which are extremely beautiful. All products are made from the hands of famous artists. You can observe and return the process of molding ceramics right at the mini pottery yard in the market.

Many youngsters and foreign tourists are interested in in this pottery- making experience, and spend a whole day in the market to make a gift for family or friends.

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