Titov beach

Titov beach

Ha Long Bay known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is the pride of Vietnam. Contributing to create that wonderful beauty, Titov beach is a harmonious combination between cloud, sky and mountains, bringing to Ha Long Cat Ba tourism a unique landscape masterpiece.

Titov beach is located in Ha Long Bay, approximately 8 kilometers to the south-west of Bai Chay tourist boat wharf. Looking from above of the island, Titov Beach is shaped like a moon which is gently embracing the entire island in the immense sea. Although its pure sand is not large, it is often cleaned up by the tides, so it has a primitive beauty and splendor.

The beach boasts pristine white sand, clear and blue water and small waves, which make it ideal for recreational activities like swimming and other sea sports. At present, there has a bar in the island which also provides swimming costumes, floats and lukewarm shower. Fresh water was carried to the island from inland. Swimming at Titov Beach is really enjoyable. After swimming, you can enjoy fresh sea food specialties in an ideal environment of immense sky and sunshine.

This beach is very beautiful and is well worth a visit to cool off when the heats starts to get to you. The charming and romantic Titov Island is the excellent blend of variously colorful cloud and sky and great sound of mountains and the overflowing whisper of the waves, which conquers the hearts of tourists traveling to Ha Long Bay. Therefore, you should try to spend a full night to enjoy the flavor of Titov beach.

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