Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung grotto (heaven cave) is located in the north of Dau Go Island, about 4km to the south of the tourist port. It’s one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long. The cave has numerous stalactites and stalagmites with special and strange shapes.

East of the Thien Cung cave is the most splendid place as a huge picture, in which is the characters in ancient fairy tales with smooth and exquisite lines created by nature. The central of cave is four pillars to support the heaven. From the foot of the columns to the columns are decorated with many strange shapes such as birds, human activities, flowers... Under the high domes are the colorful stalactites, making the extremely magnificent natural stone curtain. All create the mystery for the scenery and the excitement for visitors.

In the last area of the cave, the white, red and blue lights create a magnificent shot. In addition, this area has three ponds with clean water.

Getting out of Thien Cung, tourists may feel like they have seen a unique and meticulous art museum, which was created under hands of the Creator beyond the imagination of human. Having the marvelous beauty, Thien Cung Cave is one of attractions in Halong should not be missed.

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