Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass emerged on the blue sea of the East Sea, stretching about 20 km from Hue to Da Nang. It is a high mountain pass along the 1600km coastline of Vietnam.

From Danang, follow National Highway 1, we cross Nam O River. Starting from here, the road slopes up, like a white thread wrapped in green mountains, until you reach the top, you will see the whole bay and the city below appear suddenly with stunning beauty. In the distance, white sandy beach of Non Nuoc beach stretches to the horizon, beyond the boulders of Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains).

The most impressive about the journey is the sense of isolation you feel as you move further along. There is a strange delight about the desolate conditions, a seemingly unbroken asphalt road that cuts through a mass of forest. Below you, the green trees contrast with the breaking waves in the blue sea. And herein lies the beauty of Hai Van. While many rave about the charm of the Bao Loc mountain pass, the road is crowded with people and villages nestled along the way. But just as civilization characterizes the allure of Bao Loc, Hai Van’s beauty is closely connected to nature and its lack of population.

Lining the peak of the mountain is the immense abyss dotted with the light and dark green colors of the trees. The scene is capped off with fanciful clouds flying across the sky. The area is a perfect place to have a cup of coffee and contemplate the scene, looking over Hai Van as if from the heavens as the trees blow with the wind.

Hai Van Pass will satisfy your desire to conquer high peaks and remind you of the glorious past of the Viet people. Moreover, from the pass, on nice days, visitors can enjoy the whole vista of Danang, the Tien Sa seaport, Son Tra Peninsula, Cu Lao Cham Island and long sandy beaches.

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