Cham Museum

Cham Museum


Champa Museum of Sculpture which is the largest museum of artifacts in Vietnam is under the Da Nang Museum. This is a museum built by the French. It collects, stores and displays the artifacts of Champa sculpture found in Cham towers and ramparts in the central coastal provinces (from Ha Tinh to Binh Thuan and the Central Highlands provinces).

Nowadays, the museum exhibits a number of approximately 400 original sculptures. They are mostly made of sandstone, but some are also made of terra-cotta. All these pieces of arts were founded in the Cham Pa temples and towers thorough Central Vietnam, from Quang Binh Province to Binh Thuan Province. At the museum, inside different exhibition rooms, the sculptures are arranged according to their era and location. With diverse themes ranging from the traditional symbols to the gods, the animists in Hinduism and Buddhism, the works have affirmed the unique indigenous cultural values of the Champa people and the reception, selection of exotic elements expressed through creative hands of talented Champa artisans.

The Museum makes it a lot easier for us to learn about this mysterious yet interesting ancient culture without having to visit several locations thorough the regions.

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