Ta Keo temple

Ta Keo temple

One of the tallest monuments of Angkor, the Ta Keo is a mountain temple build by Jayavarman V, found a little East of Angkor Thom.

Takeo is a pyramid of five levels reaching a total height of 40m - the first two forms the base of two enclosing courtyards, one surrounded by a simple wall and the other by a gallery, while the last three, through proportional reduction are a massive artificial plinth for the quincunx of sanctuaries. Takeo was also the first temple which was built with the biggest blocks of sandstone in Angkor time. This temple was dedicated to Shiva. This temple construction has never been finished and it has very few carvings as the king was murdered by Suryavarman I who was his uncle.

The upper platform is square and almost entirely occupied by the quincunx of towers in their unfinished form. These open to the four cardinal points by projecting vestibules. The corner towers are set on plinths and are dominated by the central tower set on an elevated base with the development of its porticoes and frontons adding to its grandeur. Fragments of pedestals and of lingas are found both in and around the towers.

The main entrance of Takeo faces to the east. Its walkway measures 50m long with many columns on both sides. The moat surrounding Takeo measures 225m by 195m. The foundation of this temple measures 122m by 106m.

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