Lolei Temple

Lolei Temple

Lolei is the northernmost temple of the Roluos group of three late 9th century Hindu temples at Angkor, Cambodia.

Actually Lolei is an island temple constructed in the middle of a manmade lake Indratataka which is 3800m by 800m and the people in Angkor time used to come to pray in this temple by boat.

The temple of Lolei, which like the Mebon, occupies an island in the middle of the artificial lake (Baray Indratadaka), only the two tiered pyramid with four of the six towers which had been planned, remain intact. According to the inscription on the door frame of those towers, two towers in the front were dedicated to the king’s father and maternal grandfather and the two towers at the back row were dedicated to king’s mother and maternal grandmother. The two towers in the front are bigger than two towers at the back row.  However, two towers on the right are in better condition than two towers on the left.

 Each tower has a real door to the east and three other doors are blind doors for decoration. Blind door of Lolei temple was made of a single piece of sandstone and it also can help to support the temple structure.

To visit this Lolei, the toursits should also walk around the temple to visit villages, typical Cambodian landscape of rice field with palm trees and houses built on still near by the Lolei temple.

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