Angkor National Museum

Angkor National Museum

One of the most amazing things to experience in Siem Reap is the Angkor National Museum. Home to an immense amount of Khmer history, various artifacts, as well as precious items from the historic Khmer Kingdom, you will be in awe with every twist and turn you make in the 8 gallery museum.

The museum is located in Vithei Charles de Gaulle No. 968, Siem Reap, Cambodia, on the way between downtown Siem Reap to northern road leading to Angkor ancient city.

It's composed of eight separate galleries, all connected by a vaulted corridor with a series of fountains and lined. After an explanatory film screening called Story behind the legend, you're pointed toward the galleries:

Gallery 1: 1,000 Buddha Images - This is the only gallery that's just one large room, rather than a series of maze-like alcoves, and the sight of all these Buddhas at once is striking.

Gallery 2: Pre-Angkor Period: Khmer Civilisation - This gallery and all the subsequent ones combine mural-size explanations and short films through maze-like rooms explaining Angkorian history.

Gallery 3: Religion and Beliefs - This room explains several of the most significant Hindu and Buddhist religious stories and folk tales depicted on Angkorian temples, including the most memorable Churning of the Sea of Milk carved into the rear wall at Angkor Wat.

Gallery 4: The Great Khmer Kings - The gallery focuses on King Jayavarman II, Yasovarman I, Soryavarman II and Jayavarman VII, those most responsible for Angkor's greatest constructions.

Gallery 5: Angkor WatThere's a large film gallery inside this section of the museum. It features beautiful, panoramic images of the temple and explanations of how it was constructed.

Gallery 6: Angkor Thom - In addition to recovered artifacts from Angkor Thom, this gallery includes a history of and artifacts from the vast irrigation projects commissioned by the king who built Angkor Thom with his smiling face looking out from every tower: Jayavarman VII.


Gallery 7: Story From Stones - This room is one of the most interesting. It's a collection of stone pallets with ancient Khmer and Sanskrit inscriptions. The writing on each slate is explained on placards below.

Gallery 8: Ancient Costume - From Apsaras and kings to princesses and warriors, this room contains the busts and statues of distinct fashions and styles as they evolved throughout Angkor time.

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